Five Simple Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Custom Tailor

When hunting for a custom tailor, it’s more than a simple transaction—it’s the beginning of a partnership. You’re entrusting someone to bring your style to life, understand your vision, and craft clothing that fits not just your body but your personality and lifestyle. This isn’t about just any piece of clothing; it’s about the suit for a key business meeting, the tux for your wedding, or the blazer that will be your signature piece. Choosing the right tailor is the first step in that journey. We’ve put together five easy-to-understand tips to make this task less daunting.

Tip 1: Check Their Reputation and Experience

Firstly, it’s crucial to know your tailor’s reputation and their level of experience. Online reviews and social media can give you a decent idea, but don’t stop there. Have a friendly chat with the tailor. Ask about how they started, their favorite projects, and even their biggest challenges. It’s a simple yet effective way to gauge their skills and passion for the craft.

Tip 2: Consider Their Style and Sizes

Next, consider the tailor’s style and the sizes they work with. A good tailor will be able to accommodate for any size or type. Some may specialize in Italian sophistication or British elegance, which may be exactly what you want. A great tailor can ensure your custom-tailored clothing is perfect for you. 

Tip 3: Look at the Quality of Materials and How They Make Clothes

Quality is key when it comes to custom tailoring. Take the time to ask about the materials your tailor uses, like the fabric, buttons, and linings. These materials should be able to last years of frequent wear and still look as good as the day you bought them. By asking about these details, you can get a hint at how well the clothes will hold up over time.

Tip 4: Check Their Customization Options

Custom clothes should reflect your personality. Therefore, it’s essential to see how much your tailor lets you customize. The best tailors will offer a wide array of choices for fabrics, patterns, cuts, and unique details. They should be willing to guide you through the process, helping you decide what works best for you. This isn’t just about choosing a color or pattern – it’s about creating a piece that fits your body perfectly and matches your lifestyle. You should feel confident and comfortable in your clothes, and your tailor should be there to help make that happen.

Tip 5: Think About Your Relationship and Their Timing

Lastly, consider your relationship with the tailor. You’ll spend a decent amount of time together during the tailoring process. It’s important that you feel at ease talking about what you want. Also, be sure to ask about their timeline. How long it takes to make a piece can vary greatly depending on the tailor’s workload and the complexity of the design.


In the fashion world, where trends are fleeting, a custom-crafted piece from a skillful tailor truly stands out. Picking a tailor isn’t just a decision; it’s a partnership reflecting your unique style. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to finding not only a master of the craft but a collaborator in your style journey. And if you’re looking for a tailor who ticks all the boxes, don’t overlook L Jarrard. Known for their impressive craftsmanship and dedication to customers, they’ve earned their reputation by creating one-of-a-kind, high-quality pieces that reflect the wearer’s individual style. Remember, your choice of a tailor reflects your style and vision. Use these tips to find the tailor who will bring that vision to life.


Common FAQs

  • How do I know if my tailor is reputable and experienced?

    • To determine a tailor’s reputation and experience, look for online reviews, ask for personal recommendations, and have a detailed conversation with the tailor about their history, favorite creations, and the challenges they’ve overcome in their craft.
  • Can custom tailors adjust to any body type?

    • Skilled custom tailors have the expertise to design and craft garments that fit and complement any body type, ensuring a bespoke fit that is both flattering and comfortable.
  • Do custom tailors specialize in specific styles?

    • While custom tailors are versatile and can work with a wide range of styles, some may have specializations in particular styles. It’s advantageous to find a tailor who is not only capable of crafting various styles but also specializes in the particular style that suits your personal taste, whether that be avant-garde, classic, or a style steeped in cultural tradition.
  • What is the typical turnaround time for a custom-tailored suit?

    • The turnaround time for a custom-tailored suit can vary widely. It’s essential to discuss and agree upon the timeline with your tailor, considering factors like their current queue of work and the complexity of your requested garment.
  • How can I identify the best tailor for a high-quality custom suit?
    • To find the best tailor for a high-quality custom suit, seek out a tailor with an extensive portfolio showcasing their finest work. Look for glowing testimonials from their clientele and assess their knowledge of fabric selection and current fashion trends. A top-notch tailor will be enthusiastic about discussing their craft and guiding you through the process.

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