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Experience the Art of Elegance with Our Custom Tailored Suits & Tuxedos

“L Jarrard provides uniquely designed suits with premium fabrics from around the world.

Find A Suit or Tuxedo That Fits Your Style & Budget

Choose from one of our three pricing tiers:

L Jarrard House Fabrics

Explore our extensive fabric collection, featuring an array of over 400 options. Within this curated selection, you’ll discover both timeless, conservative staples and eye-catching statement pieces. These fabrics are built to last, providing enduring quality that stands up to the most luxurious offerings found in local high-end department stores.
Starting at $950

StylBiella & Marzoni

Discover the enduring quality of StylBiella and Marzoni fabrics, designed to create durable workhorse garments that stand the test of time. These fabrics serve as a perfect introduction to the world of Italian textiles, offering both longevity and excellent wear. StylBiella and Marzoni are both globally recognized mills with unique woolen fabrics ranging from Super 110 to 130s

Starting at $1,450

Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry

Elevate your wardrobe with the pinnacle of luxury through Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, and Atlas Textiles fabrics. With over 1000 options, these mills present the finest textiles globally, catering to those who seek exclusive Super 110-220 fabrics Dormeuil, a cherished French heritage brand established in 1842, has remained a symbol of luxury fabrics, renowned for their dedication to innovation, design, and quality. Loro Piana fabrics exude Italian elegance and sophistication, celebrated for their super fine wool and cashmere. Holland & Sherry, a prestigious British brand, sets the gold standard in luxury tailoring with a range that includes the finest merino wool, cashmere, and silk. Atlas Textiles is a renowned family owned and operated Italian mill known for their quality and versatility.

Starting at $2,925

Ready to Get Fitted for Your Custom Suit?

Sculpting Your Ideal Silhouette

Expert tailoring is the fine art of enhancing your best features while subtly drawing attention away from areas you’d prefer to downplay. Here are just a few ways we can tailor your custom suit or tuxedo to your advantage:
  • Highlighting Strength: By crafting the ideal bicep measurement with a higher armhole height in tandem, we can create the illusion of a more muscular physique.
  • Slimming Effect: To create a leaner appearance, we ensure the top button on the jacket is strategically placed at the center of your midsection. The button stance plays a crucial role in managing perceptions of girth
  • Boosting Height: Through precision tailoring, we can give the illusion of an additional 1-2 inches of height. We achieve this by ensuring the back jacket length concludes precisely at the bottom of your seat, and the front jacket length ends at the lower part of the crotch.

What people are saying about L Jarrard Custom Clothier

I can’t say enough good things about Lathen! Quick turn around, excellent communication, oh and let’s not forget THE NICEST suit I have ever seen! He made the process enjoyable, helped us narrow down selections, and honestly is relaxing, non-aggressive approach made the entire experience. I plan to recommend Lathen to all of my friends and family looking for custom clothing!

Lathen helped my husband Mike design custom shirts for our wedding this year. The details were amazing- initials on the cuffs and colored embroidery to match the groomsmen suits. He also designed shirts for our fathers and my grandfather. They came out beautiful and made our day even more special. My dad and husband wore their shirts to another wedding we just went to 🙂 Lathen is professional and got the job done above what we could have hoped for!

My husband loves his custom suit and jacket. Truly great service and expertise in fit and fabric selection!

Lathen helped my son, David, design a custom tailored suit with all the extra details. It fit David perfectly. Lathen is an exceptional custom clothier who does not disappoint!

What can I say, he makes an amazing suit! Any and all suits I buy from here on out will be from him!